Helping Parents Become More AWARE of the Issues Their Children Face

Anxiety. Vaping. Substance Abuse. Relationships. Social Media. Today, teenagers face a variety of challenges. Parents may be familiar with some of these issues, while others have them searching for more information and answers.
Comal ISD can help. Through the new AWARE Family Information Center, a website with helpful articles and videos on a number of topics, parents and guardians now have resources to learn more about the issues and trends that may be impacting their child’s life as well as their family’s life.
Today, parents can find training on anti-vaping, managing children with anxiety, and tips for improving their child’s study skills. New topics are added each month.
Parents are encouraged to take advantage of these resources. They should ask their children to participate in the trainings with them to increase awareness and build greater dialogue.
If parents need more help regarding AWARE topics or would like to request that a topic be added to the AWARE Family Information Center, contact Joe McKenna at 830-221-2646.